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Board Training $45.00 Per Day

Behavior ConsultinG

$80.00 Per Session


Private Lessons

$40.00 per session


Group LessonS

$25.00 per class


“A walk in the park finally means what the phrase is supposed to mean. I just got back from a loop around Hooker Oak park and Five Mile. My two large black beauties casually sauntered by skateboarders, screaming kids, and packs of people on bikes, and the dreaded squirrels. They did great and they got lots of compliments from strangers. Thanks, John!!!”

“John is an excellent dog trainer and has a lot of knowledge about dog training and behaviors. He really helps you understand and shows you how to deal with unwanted behaviors. We have been working with John on our dog’s obedience and aggression towards dogs, and we have made lots of progress. Our dog loves him and is always excited to see him when he shows up. His training style has definitely helped my dog to become more obedient and well-trained. We can’t thank him enough!”

“John worked with me and my labs years ago down in the bay. Lucky for me he is now in the north state! Fabulous trainer, the best by far!! In just one session he refreshed my memory that I am alpha over my dogs!”

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